LT PACT: LT & 3tera unveiled the “SUPERGrid”

@ LT PACT: LT & 3tera unveiled the “SUPERGrid” (The World’s Largest Virtual Private Datacenter)

New Threshold Reached: The world’s largest virtual private datacenter for powering Web 2.0 and SaaS applications.

A Virtual Private Datacenter is the utility computing solution for operating SaaS and Web 2.0 applications. Layered Technologies’ Virtual Private Datacenter features HP hardware and 3Tera’s award-winning AppLogic grid operating system. Layered Technologies Virtual Private Datacenter provides up to 460 CPUs, 920GB RAM and 47 TB of Storage from a Browser. The Virtual Private Datacenter eliminates the need for datacenter co-location, private racks and managed hosting services. Users assemble, deploy, monitor and manage all their infrastructure and applications using only a browser.

We built a grid of this size to demonstrate that utility computing is ready for prime time. The business model is equally cool – staggering power available to anyone, instantly and without long term commitments. This allows innovative startups with popular applications to serve audiences of millions.

Layered Tech and partner 3tera demonstrated this VPD for the first time at LT Pact a few weeks ago. If you were one of the lucky ones to see it first, let us – and everyone else – know what you thought. We’d love to hear your feedback! We’re super excited about the SUPERGrid – are you?


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