Invasion of the iPhone

So the Apple iPhone has had it’s big entry into this new world, and I guess the big question will now be – is it all that, was it worth the wait?

I was surprised to drive along many streets in Dallas, TX and see long lines of people, tents pitched, vendors serving food in front of and around every Cingular store.  Even more surprising was to hear of people trying to buy their way into line, or bribe others already in line for their spot, or to make the purchase of two additional iPhones for them.  I guess that is Capitalism at it’s best!!

One thing that has intrigued me about the iPhone since I first began seeing the ads and reading about it was how it really ties together all the parts of the new economy and wraps these into a small hand-held device – this is not to say, there have not been multitudes of other hand-held devices, the likes of the Blackberry, Treo et, al, but there is just something more intriguing, it has a certain “coolness” factor about it…

Apple seems to have done a great job from the marketing side – the iPhone has been conveyed as a “conduit”, to bring together many of these new economy elements, what I will call the ”5 C’s” – Connection, Communication, Content, Commerce, Colloboration and I guess we will add a 6th C, “coolness”.  (iTunes, YouTube, Video’s, E-mail, SMS, Built in Search, OSX) – more to come…

As with many hot new items and tech gadgets the curb appeal will wear off, however you have to admit, if Apple’s stats are correct and they have sold over 520,000 in the first 3 days at 60% margin they will not be suffering am time soon.

Do I have one?  Not yet, but I will most likely look beyond the $499 price point and bite the bullet.

Many of our employees are now trying to convince me here at Layered Technologies why they need to switch out the company issued device.  I ask them how it will help them do there job more efficiently and effectively?

To date I have not been convinced how it will change the world, but anyone that has one might tell you differently.

 We will see….


2 Responses to “Invasion of the iPhone”

  1. Jason Barnes Says:

    Although I agree, that the impact of the iPhone isn’t as significant as the hype might have suggested, it has definitely upped the ante when it comes to UI in the world of cellphones, something that I’m sure everyone will appreciate as more companies incorporate these types of innovations or create their own.

    Jason Barnes

  2. The iPhone iMpact Says:

    […] pond. I was reading an article by Todd Abrams, COO and President of Layered Technologies, on the Invasion of the iPhone, and he makes some great points about the […]

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