DARKSKIES: Customer Experience Story

Layered Technologies – Experence so far (From forum posting on www.WebHostingTalk.com)

Well after much hair pulling, I decided to order 2 boxes from Layered Tech, and this is how its gone so far…

Last Thurs night I placed the order for the first box, and after confirming the order I realized I needed to change it. So I emailed them about it, this was around 11pm or so EDT. They responded that they would just cancel the order and then I could replace it correctly. I was concerned that it would take a bit for the money to get back in my account, but it did not. In fact total time from when I reported the problem till I had the money back in my account to reorder – less then 2 minutes.

I placed the order again, and I put in the comments that I wanted CENTOS 5.x 64bit which as NOT listed as an option on their site. 4.x was the newest the mentioned. They told me this would not be a problem, and when I got the server it had Cent 5.x 64bit on it.

I placed an order for the second server Friday night, this time got it right first try.

Late last night (Saturday), they emailed me and my server was ready. I jumped on it via ssh and started messing around. I ended up breaking my PLESK install and had to reinstall it. The only problem with that was I did not know where they put the lic for it, so I filed a trouble ticket saying that I messed up and needed the lic again. They not only told me where the lic file was, but went ahead and set it back up – total ticket time including a couple emails back and forth approx 90mins.

Today I pulled in some large files from another host, via ftp and averaged 4mbit. That is better then I have ever seen from the host in question, so I am sure they were the slowest point in the chain, not Layeredtech.

Over all so far they have been great, and both problems I have had were completely my fault, and they still handled it with grace and speed.

Posted by: Vincent http://www.ourdarkskies.com



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