Unmetered BW Explained

Let me start this one by saying that I have seen so many interpretations on this topic.  Hopefully this clears things up for everyone. 

Unmetered… Explain please…

Unmetered simply means that we will not cut you off at any point, and if you are running the proper port speed then you will not see an overage.  Now if you go and buy a 10Mbps unmetered BW package, and run a 100Mbps port, of course you’re going to have an overage running full steam all month.  We do not offer any sort of capping, and we do not waive BW overages because you thought otherwise.

Why did I just get an overage?

Because you went over your allotted BW.  Unmetered doesn’t mean that you will be able to use as much as you need, so if your running 100Mbps port with 10Mbps unmetered then you will get an overage.  But if you have 10Mbps with a 10Mbps port then you will not see an overage.  There is simply no way.  If the port is larger than the “unmetered” amount then you have to consider it an amount of BW.  100Mbps port with 10Mbps unmetered BW means that you run that 100Mbps port open, but you only get 3300GB of BW to use that month. 


What is capped?

Capped means that once you hit a certain amount of BW we will cut you off.   Now logically why would you want to do that?  If you’re a spammer of course you don’t want to pay for the overage, but hey we gotta punish you somehow for getting past our Abuse team.  Anyone who is running a legit business will not want to stop customers from getting to his/her content, so we do not stop them at a certain point.  We do allow for every client to upgrade his/her bandwidth package before the end of the month, so anyone being proactive can always avoid overage charges.

What’s a port and how does it compare to my BW?
A port is the opening that the internet has to your server.  So 10Mbps port will allow for 10Mbps to come from the internet to your server, which in turn limits your BW usage to below 3300GB of BW/mo thus 10Mbps “unmetered” is 3300GB of BW.  Your bandwidth is the actual usage of your server over the Internet.  Your content being viewed by each person/customer uses BW to get from your server to the PC of that user.  

In closing your port limits how much can come in and out, and bandwidth is the total that DID GO in and out.   Keep ‘em separate, and don’t abuse the word “unmetered”. 


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