What does self-managed mean?


That’s right… one of the first things you will see or hear from LT is that we provide 100% self-managed servers.  “But what does that mean?”, you ask.  The best definition I can offer is that you control the software side of the server once it’s been deployed.  Now there are exceptions, like LT offers a few control panels.  If you have a control panel, LT can submit a help ticket to the control panel company on your behalf to help you along with use of the product. 

 No phone support?

That’s right.  You call LT’s CSR/Sales team and they will simply tell you to submit a support ticket.  It doesn’t help if you get angry at them, I promise.  They are not educated in server management, so I assure you -you will not be any better off if they did try to help you. 


In LT’s welcome email you receive your support system details.  Use that and simply follow the ticket system to file a support ticket, and a trained tech will assist you as quickly as possible.

 Why did support just remind me LT is a self-managed provider?

If you write in to support and it’s something that is in the realm of 100% self-managed, they will not hesitate to remind you.  Now some simple issues are answered out of their “desire to be helpful”, but if they remind you of the self management aspect -don’t get angry.  It doesn’t help anything.  Layered Tech does their best to educate clients on the self management aspect of their offerings prior to customers purchasing to ensure the services offered are understood and that LT will fill the needs of each and every client within specified guidelines.

 What DO you support at LT?

Layered Tech does support hardware, and anything that requires a physical hand at the DC which includes reloads, reboots, and hardware replacement/upgrades. 

What options do I have to get support?

If you don’t know what you’re doing with a server, then plain and simple, you need to go with a managed company.   We do have a few resellers of ours that provide managed services.  You can find them advertising on our forums.


There are also server management companies out there you can Google, but we do not recommend any.

If you know what you’re doing with your server, but you have come across a problem that you have never seen before then your best bet is to hit LT and hosting forums.  Just post your question/s, and I’m sure one of our clients has seen the problem before and can tell you all about the solution.  Our techs frequent the post as well and provide feedback.


We hope this was helpful.  Please share your thoughts on topics to address.


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