3. GEOFF: LT PRODUCT GURU (Ask Questions)

LT Product Review Guru: Geoff > Introduction


Hello All,


Some of you may or may not know me, but either way here is a brief introduction of myself.  My name is Geoff (Jeff) Pennington, and I have worked here with LT for just under at year at this point.  October 30th will be my one year mark.  Starting off as a CSR I worked the late evening shift to ensure all your late night needs were met.  Recently, I was offered a Sales position which I happily took.  Now I am back to the normal day hours with the majority of you, and I couldn’t be happier. 


Recently our marketing director came to me with a proposal for a new marketing approach – Product/LT Evangelist.  The actual position was still being developed, but the concept was great.  From that I have decided to start this trend that will give a 360 degree view of the products and services we offer.  This will also allow for a Q & A on each one.  Even from a sales perspective I believe this will help us all.  It will give you a chance to meet me and realize how I can assist you, and it will also provide an education point for LT products and services. 


I will be releasing a new product overview on a regular basis, and I will also be answering requests for overviews.  I’m assuming things will start off slowly, but once I get a good mass of our products behind me, they will start to file out regularly and will include all new releases. 


Take care, ~ Geoff


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