To the West Coast and Beyond!


Layered Tech’s facility investments expand our global presence and increase connectivity

Recently, we expanded our data center portfolio while significantly increasing our footprint and Internap connectivity at our core facilities.  These investments further strengthen our ability to provide flexible solutions and highly reliable managed hosting services that meet even the most complex enterprise customer requirements.

We added a new data center in Santa Clara, Calif., to meet the rapidly growing demand from Silicon Valley customers.  This new location expands our presence and also adds another level of geographic redundancy for customers interested in a West Coast location.  Since establishing the facility this year, we’ve already added another 10 Gb of Internap connectivity, bringing total Santa Clara bandwidth to 20 Gb, as well as transport supplied by other providers.

In addition to our new West Coast facility and its upgrades, we’ve strategically expanded our core data centers to rack even more servers and address customers’ growing needs.  We doubled the footprint in the Databank Dallas facility and nearly tripled the footprint in the Coresite Chicago facility.  Our expanded Coresite footprint not only meets the local demand, but also addresses the growing number of national and international companies that want a Chicago presence and are attracted by the data center’s downtown location.

We also added an additional 10 Gb of Internap bandwidth to each of our core data centers, located in Dallas, Chicago and Cedar Falls, Iowa.  While we use a diverse mix of providers for industry-leading quality connectivity, Internap now provides 70 Gb of connectivity to Layered Tech data centers.  Our Internap relationship helps ensure that customers will get the same high level of service, connectivity and flexibility in each of our data centers, even if they choose to move from one Layered Tech facility to another.

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