Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Now Available Through Layered Tech’s Astro Rapid Deployment Platform


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By Tom Eagle

Layered Tech announced today that Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is now available for rapid server deployments via Astro, our proprietary automated Web hosting platform.  With this addition, we offer a full range of operating systems, including high-performance and secure Linux and Unix systems, with servers that can be provisioned almost instantaneously.

“By adding Windows Server 2008 to our rapid deployment server offerings, our customers can stay current with the latest offerings from Microsoft, explore new features with the .NET product offering and leverage a rich Web server environment that is more robust and feature-driven than previous versions of IIS,” said Layered Tech COO and CIO Terrance Bush.

With Windows Server 2008, customers can develop, deliver and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase technological efficiency and value within their organizations.

Through Astro, Layered Tech customers can quickly customize their rapid deployment servers with a wide range of options, including IIS, Plesk control panel, virtual firewall solutions and DefCon bundled managed services.  Astro displays server inventory in real-time and enables near instantaneous server provisioning so that within 90 minutes, our customers can easily configure their server, complete the purchase and have the server available for use.

“We continue to evaluate the latest and greatest server technologies to determine what will best meet our customers’ needs and support their business goals,” Bush continued.  “We’re excited to make Windows Server 2008 available within our rapid deployment service offering, provide our customers a wide variety of robust operating system options, and deliver powerful servers in less than two hours after selection.”

The Window Server 2008 editions currently available via Astro include:

  • Data Center Edition: an enterprise-class platform for deploying business-critical applications on medium and large servers;
  • Standard Edition: the most robust Windows Server operating system to date, due to its increased reliability, flexibility and control;
  • Enterprise Edition: an enterprise-class platform for deploying business-critical applications.

Through Encompass, Layered Tech’s centralized client management portal, customers can manage their account, request support, reboot servers and access other critical information such as bandwidth graphs, alerts and notifications.  Customers can access Astro and buy servers directly through our Web site at, and with an open API created by Layered Tech, partners can display inventory and coordinate sales in real-time from their own Web sites.

Astro was launched in January 2009 in Layered Tech’s DataBank data center located in Dallas and the rapid deployment platform continues to broaden so customers can take advantage of additional services within minutes, not hours or days.  Layered Tech plans to expand Astro into its Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Chicago facilities in the near future.

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