5 Tips: Marketing in the Hosting World


John Pozadzides, CMO, Layered TechInterview with John Pozadzides, CMO of Layered Tech (by The WHIR http://www.thewhir.com/)

1) Speaking in broad strokes, how would a host’s marketing budget be best divided up between different venues like adwords, banner advertising or other, more out-there efforts?

Different size budgets can require a very different mix of marketing spend.  An average hosting provider should probably target 25% of the budget at online advertising efforts, 25% on having a presence at targeted industry events, 25% on online branding (Web site and content), and the remainder on collateral and other supporting materials.

2) Are there modes of marketing that you see becoming more effective or less effective for this business right now?

Too much emphasis is placed on Google AdWords, with far too little ROI.  In the new world order, hosting companies need to perform segmentation analysis to understand who their average customer is, then look for advertising vehicles that specifically target that segment.

3) How much overlap do things like public relations and media relations overlap with what’s considered “marketing” in your work?

PR and media relations are easily as important as traditional marketing tactics in a Google world.  AdWords and banner advertisements are temporary, but good press is like fine wine to a search engine – it just gets better with time.

4) What’s a mistake that a lot of marketers in this business tend to make?

I see marketing professionals across a wide range of industries rely far too heavily on transient messaging vehicles, those that disappear the moment they are used; and not enough time on long term messaging and brand development.  Companies need to innovate, communicate their value proposition effectively, and get the word out through a variety of channels.

5) Is there any emerging technology or medium that you see being most relevant to the hosting business with respect to marketing?

I hate to bow to collective wisdom, but social media is the 900 pound gorilla.  Viral messaging and media campaigns can generate long term name recognition, Web links and traffic.  Those of us that learn to conquer this animal quickest will reap the greatest rewards.

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  1. Debbie Weil Says:


    Thanks for including me in your roundup of resources. I love your phrasing about “conquering the 900-pound gorilla” — social media is a fascinating phenomenon. The tools du jour change so quickly that it’s easy to mistake the trees for the forest.

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