Private Racks: Plan for Growth


Geoff Pennington, Layered TechWhen it comes to private racks you want to make sure to plan ahead.  If you have 6U worth of equipment now, you will want to get a larger rack unless you plan to NEVER grow, and who does that?  Our private rack offerings start at ¼ for 6U worth of space, and grow from there to ½ rack with 12U, and full rack with 24U. 

 “How will I know what I need?”

First off, you must develop a plan for your infrastructure.  I realize planning for 3 years in advance is not easy, but keep in mind the immediate future at least.  Below I will cover a few situations to give you an idea of how you should start.

  • If you have 1-4 servers with no infrastructure then a ¼ rack will suffice, because you have at least 2 more slots for growth. 

  • If you have 2-4 servers with at least 1 piece of infrastructure (firewall or load balancer) you should probably go for the ½ rack to plan for expansion.  This will give you plenty of room for expansion, as with this type of setup quick expansion is typical.

  • If you have 6-10 servers with no infrastructure then a ½ rack will suffice.
  • If you have 6-10 servers with infrastructure a full rack is the way to go.

  • From here, we get into the big stuff.  Typically at this point you can foresee your growth, and you can plan accordingly.  If you need a full rack get one!  Don’t try to stuff everything into a ½ rack to save some money.  You will lose out a lot more in the long run.  Migration fees, relocation downtime, IP changes, and other issues that come with having to move for growth cost a lot more than the upgrade. 

 “What do I do when I start?”

So you have one server now, and you need to add a switch, or maybe add 2 more servers and move to a rack.  This is where the planning is most important.  Because to get this upgrade, you’re going to have to move anyway, so why not move to your final location first, instead of having to do the whole painful process again later? 

Another option instead of moving would be to setup an identical setup inside a private rack and configure it and move data over in the time your servers overlap, but then your paying for a month twice anyway. 

All in all, sometimes you can’t get the full setup right away, and that’s ok, but plan for the required steps of migration early.

Have a question?  Ask and yee’ shall receive (an answer =) `~ Geoff Pennington


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