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I was extremely excited to attend the Web 2.0 event in San Francisco this year, even though I’m just getting around to organizing a few thoughts to share.

Recently while mingling at the Web 2.0 event in San Francisco, I realized just how many extremely tech-savvy folks are still unaware of the benefits, or even the existence, of the Layered Technologies’ Virtual Datacenter platform.  Most are still utilizing colocated or managed dedicated infrastructure, and suffering through the old issues such as expensive hardware costs, inflexible configurations, and lack of scalability.

As a realist I recognize that getting the message out is difficult amidst a sea of other top tier providers who are stuck with their massive investments in non-virtualized infrastructure.  They simply don’t want the Layered Technologies message to reach the market.

Their desire to squeeze profitability out of old-fashioned architecture isn’t going to stop us from evangelizing the message! We are constantly looking for best practices and working hard to find a way to deliver them to our loyal clients. That’s why we created the Grid Layer, why we are introducing a Solaris offering, and why you can expect a VM Ware utility offering this month. We do not see ourselves as a mere host, but rather as an infrastructure partner to our customers.

Please feel free to drop comments here if you have other needs or ideas for ways to remove the barriers to getting your apps connected and scaling the easy way.

And thanks for the business! ~ Micael Platner, CEO, Layered Technologies


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  1. Bohol Says:

    This is my first time to have heared the term Virtual Datacenter. I’m interested to explore more on this new technology.

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