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Layered Technologies Now Leverages 3Tera’s AppLogic 2.1

New Version of the Grid Operating System Enables Layered Technologies to Offer the Latest in Grid-based Private Servers and Web Hosting Services

Plano, TX (October 9, 2007) – Layered Technologies, a leading provider of reliable, affordable, and scalable on-demand, self-managed utility hosting services, today announced that it has upgraded to 3Tera’s AppLogic 2.1 grid operating system to offer the most advanced grid-based private servers and Web hosting services to its customers. Layered Technologies has implemented the latest version of the easy-to-manage grid infrastructure to provide their customers with affordable, flexible and easy to manage Web hosting without the hassle of managing the infrastructure.

With clients in over 120 countries, Layered Technologies’ custom technology solutions allow both large and small customers to rapidly deploy on-demand hosting and utility computing services, providing all the controls of colocation without the start up costs, capital investments, long term contracts and associated challenges. By partnering with Layered Technologies, companies are able to achieve ROI quickly via reduced capital investment, total cost of ownership (TCO), labor reduction, training, and floor space. Layered Technologies can have a company up and running in days versus months.

“We pride ourselves in offering the latest and greatest technology to our clients to enable them to compete in their industry and grow their business,” said Michael Platner, CEO of Layered Technologies. “AppLogic 2.1 allows for greater scalability and control of the infrastructure, assuring users of their ability to grow.”

The AppLogic grid operating system is the first commercial platform designed specifically to enable true utility computing. The system converts commodity servers into scalable grids on which users can visually deploy, operate and scale transactional Web applications without any modification of code. At the heart of the system is 3Tera’s disposable infrastructure technology that packages applications with the definition of the infrastructure required to run them into self-contained and portable entities, able to run on any grid anywhere in the world. As a result, applications become completely separated from the hardware infrastructure traditionally needed to run them, allowing users to remotely manage their applications through a Web browser and provision resources as needed.

The new 2.1 release of the AppLogic grid operating system adds comprehensive application monitoring and support for multiple CPUs per appliance. SaaS and Web 2.0 companies can benefit from greater scalability, improved resource utilization, unprecedented visibility and control over application performance.

In addition to AppLogic 2.1, Layered Technologies is announcing new pricing for the Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Layered Technologies’ VPS enables your site or application to no longer be tied to an individual hardware server, rather it is spread across many nodes, allowing users to take advantage of true grid-cluster computing. The VPS runs in a Virtual Private Datacenter managed by Layered Technologies, allowing for universal high availability and the ability to increase CPU, memory and storage as needed.

Pricing for the VPS Silver Layer starts at $49 per month and a $19 set up charge. Base System configuration includes: – 20% of the Node’s CPU resources – 40 GB disk space – 256 MB RAM allocation – Bandwidth: 1500 GB transfer – IP Addresses: 4 – High Availability – Enterprise Grade  Learn more >>

Pricing for the VPS Gold Layer starts at $59 per month and a $19 set up charge. Base System configuration includes: – 20 % of the Node’s CPU resources – 80 GB disk space – 512 MB RAM Allocation – Bandwidth: 2500 GB Transfer – IP Addresses: 4 – High Availability – Enterprise Grade  Learn more >>

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