Layered Tech: Awarded “Non-Spam-Tolerant” Network



Layered Technologies was recently recognized by SPAMHAUS* as a proactive, non-spam-tolerant network – and have been authorized to use the Spamhaus “Whitehat Network” badge to reflect our commitment to a “spam free” environment.


“Abuse is something that happens, there is no way around it. What matters is how we choose to handle situations when they arise.  Layered Tech’s commitment to consistently working with other abuse desks and networks to ensure it doesn’t happen again has paid off.” says Jason Holloman, VP of Operations, Layered Tech

“Our consistent hard work (for over 3 years) in keeping spammers off of the network, and our reaction when they do make it on – has been recognized.  With that, we are continually committed to promptly removing spammers from our network.” says Terry Raitt, Policy Enforcement Manager, Layered Tech

*Spamhaus is a highly recognized, global organization that supports efforts promoting a “spam free” world. Visit for more information.


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