LT PACT 2007 will provide “street” information that really works, will advise industry stakeholders on what others in hosting won’t tell them, and will guide all players into hosting’s future. Andy Schroefper, Founder of the respected Tier 1 Research, will kick off the event with new fresh insight into hosting’s future.

“Prove it! – What street information is so valuable that I need to attend?”

For example, marketing is one of the top 3 issues facing every hosting company in this highly competitive arena. Your business will not grow unless you are doing more than managing your client’s infrastructure needs. You need a business development effort, which requires marketing insight. No one is born with keen marketing power in and of themselves. Yes, you know about and are probably applying various marketing techniques including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Search Listings (PPC), Email Marketing and Forum Marketing. However, are you really getting the maximum results you want? Only two ways exist to increase your marketing knowledge: learning daily through trial and error attempts, and tapping information from experts.

At LT PACT, Alchemist, one of the top 5 SEO and PPC firms in the country, will present you with quick insights on how to outwit your competitors, especially those who do not attend. Since any industry player will be able to tap the marketing power taught, for three players who register before May 15th will receive a Website Marketing Make Over from our experts during their live presentations.

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