Webinar: Grid Computing—Ready for Prime Time?


Webinar: Grid and Utility Computing—Ready for Prime Time? 

Click (requires WebEx Playerthrough to download this webinar featuring: 

Nicholas Carr, former Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review, Author, speaking on:  “Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corosion of Competitive Advantage.”   

Todd Abrams, President and COO, Layered Technologies discussing how Layered Technologies’ The GridLayer offers new cost-effective, scalable hosting solutions for online applications to the enterprise and emerging SaaS and Web2.0 companies.  

A short demonstration of how The GridLayer and the AppLogic OS by 3terra makes infrastructure so simple to define and manage, deploying and scale.  


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  1. ian holsman Says:

    do you have a archive of this talk available?

    I tried clicking through, but it doesn’t seem to work

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